Mending Our Heart

Mending Our Heart

Since February is about love, we may need healing before we can fully embrace the divine power of love! One of the most distressing feelings is a broken heart whether it be from loss of a romantic relationship, a dearly departed loved one, or your hopes or dreams being smashed.

Good news, the angels are here to help! Angels are messengers of God & come from Divine source & light. Angels are here to help us with any challenges we may face. All we have to do is ask. Whether you’re asking for guidance & clarity, forgiveness, healing, or new love, here are some prayers to invoke the angels’ help!

“Dear Archangel Uriel, I ask for your golden light of emotional healing to be all around me. Heal my broken heart so I might see clearly the path that will return me to happiness in my life. Provide me the epiphanies I need to walk out into the world, smile, and know once and for all that everything is going to be okay. And so it is.”

“Dear Romance Angels, I ask to be released of any recurring mistakes from the past. Free me from repeating any unhealthy patterns in my love life. Let my search for my soulmate be fun & uplifting as well as a great adventure. When things go wrong, let me be the first to forgive myself or others.”

“Dear guardian angels, please guide my actions, my words, & my choices as I make the changes that are necessary. Please send me signs that are easy to spot & understand, showing me when to take the appropriate actions.”

Reference: http://www.soulandspiritmagazine

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