Are You Hypnotizable?

Are You Hypnotizable?

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“Most people are hypnotizable under the right circumstances.  Hypnotizability depends on a person’s expectations. If you think you are hypnotizable, your chances of going into an altered state are greatly improved.  Other factors that influence the success of hypnosis include:

Belief: The mind will only accept that which is congruent with your established morals and ethics. The role of the hypnosis facilitator is to encourage you to imagine, picture and visualize the best situation for a successful outcome – creating images that are in your best interest. If you believe in the process of hypnosis, then certainly it is attainable.

Rapport: The ability to create rapport is a skill that is used to elicit a relationship with another person. Be sure you have established good rapport. If you feel uncomfortable with the hypnosis practitioner you select, some part of your mind may remain on guard, thereby impeding the process.

Motivation: The most hypnotizable people are those who sincerely want to be hypnotized, expect hypnosis to work, and believe hypnosis can assist them in achieving their goal.

We encourage you to seek the services of a certified hypnosis practitioner who is skilled in the use of various approaches and techniques so that he/she is best prepared to bring about the desired change for a successful outcome.”    ~IMDHA

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