How’s Your Memory?

How’s Your Memory?

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How's Your Memory?

What is memory?  The term is actually used to describe two different phenomenon.

First, memory is used as a noun to represent an event or situation, person, place, or thing that happened in the past like recalling a memory of being afraid of the dark, which means it must be stored and retrieved.

Second, memory is used to describe the process or ability to store and retrieve past events for example, you have a good memory or a short-term memory.  

Where are memories stored and retrieved?  Most memories are stored in the limbic system, one of the three main systems of the brain.

First, the limbic system is a set of interrelated and connected structures.  Two structures of the limbic system include the amygdala and the hippocampus, which are responsible for emotions, feelings, and memories.  The amygdala is mainly responsible for self-preservation with the fight or flight response and plays a part in controlling activities like love and affection, friendship, and the opposite like aggression, rage, and fear.  The hippocampus is responsible for long-term memory formation and can help us determine from past experiences what to do in the current situation.

Second, the brainstem is considered the primary and oldest part of the brain.  It is responsible for primitive arousal and survival functions like breathing and keeping our hearts beating.  Memories stored here would be the things we do subconsciously, without thinking about it.

What are the benefits of improving memory through hypnosis?  Several benefits may be realized when using hypnosis for memory improvement.

Hypnosis may help improve memory by increasing your ability to recall your memories.  Ever forget where you put something?  Hypnosis may help retrieve those memories.

Additionally, hypnosis may help you let go of emotions and feelings such as fear, anxiety, or anger attached to those memories.  When you let go of emotions attached to memories, you may still recall the memories but in a way that is harmonious to your health and well-being.

Check out a great article on memory improvement through hypnosis: Does Hypnosis Improve Memory?

“The research literature is full of studies that document the effectiveness of hypnosis to improve memory.  If you forgot something, first try to reconstruct the memory best you can. If you really cannot recall the information, give a call to [me or another] qualified hypnosis practitioner to schedule an appointment. In most instances a visit with a qualified hypnosis practitioner will significantly increase your chances of remembering well.” ~IMDHA

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