Affordable Hypnotherapy

Individual Session Prices:

affordable online hypnosis sessions

One-Hour Hypnosis $100

online coaching

One-Hour Coaching $100

online guided imagery

15-Minute Guided Imagery $20

affordable hypnotherapy sessions

Past Life Regression


affordable hypnotherapy

Life Between Lives


Package Prices:

3 session package of online hypnosis or coaching

3 One-Hour Sessions $250

five session package

5 One-Hour Sessions $400

10 session package for online hypnosis or coaching

10 One-Hour Sessions $750

total transformation

Total Transformation Package | $700

Includes: 1 Hour Customized Hypnotherapy Session ($100),

2 Hour Past Life Regression Session ($200), and

4 Hour Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression Session ($500)

($100 discount, that’s a free session)

So, what are you paying for? What are you getting with these online hypnosis and coaching sessions?

First, each online hypnosis and coaching session is with a certified hypnotherapist/coach who has experience and has been trained in the science, art, approaches, and techniques of hypnosis and coaching. That’s me! I conduct my own sessions instead of passing you off to someone else so there is no middle man. I also don’t rely on lead generators or paid advertising so you’re not paying for any of that either.

Furthermore, a dedicated and educated guide is there to meet you where you are, to fully support you on your journey, who is open and willing to listen, and ready to lift you up.

In addition, each session is customized to you to produce the best results. No two sessions are the same.

Moreover, within every session, comes extra tools and resources to help you achieve your goals. This could be in the form of homework, additional mindfulness techniques to try, and a recording of your session.

Finally, each session provides the opportunity for healing on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

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Another key point, all sessions are Online through Zoom or over the phone.
Also, if you are going to ask if hypnosis can be done online or over the phone, the answer is YES! In addition, if you are going to ask is online hypnosis as good as in person, then the answer is YES, and perhaps even better! By all means, learn more with my FAQs or watch a video.