self-hypnosis exercise

Learn how to do this self-hypnosis exercise in just 5 minutes.  It’s easy!

Where To Do This Self-Hypnosis Exercise

For this self-hypnosis exercise, find a quiet place where you are sure you will not be disturbed for 20 to 30 minutes (or start with 10 to 15). Before you begin, mentally plan exactly what you are going to do while in hypnosis. Additionally, be aware that you will stick to your plan. If during hypnosis you notice your mind has wandered, easily and effortlessly put yourself back on your plan.

Next, select a statement of intent (affirmation). Then, write it down, read it, and say it.  Repeat the affirmation a number of times until it is clear in your mind.

When To Do This Self-Hypnosis Exercise

Practice first thing when you awake in the morning, last thing before you go to bed at night, and any time during the day that you can practice the exercise.

How To Do This Self-Hypnosis Exercise

Begin the relaxation process by becoming comfortable on whatever you are sitting or lying. Be sure your legs are uncrossed and your arms rest comfortably at your sides or on your lap. Next, take three deep cleansing breaths to start the relaxation.  Then, close your eyes and gently roll your eyes upward as if you were looking up through an opening in the top of your head. Now, begin to count down from 5 to 1.  With each descending number, allow your body and mind to relax deeper and deeper. As you are doing this, imagine any image that is relaxing to you (sunset, floating on a cloud, cool mountain stream, the ocean, etc.)

Use Affirmations In This Self-Hypnosis Exercise

Once you are sufficiently relaxed, repeat in your mind your positive statement. Repeat at least 3 times. In connection with the suggestion, visualize the end result of your statement in a very positive manner.  The image will become as perfect as the material you build it from, accepting the image as already in place.  FEEL the image and affirmation come alive!

Remember, “You are what you think you are” so use your imagination to imagine your desired state.

Complete your self-hypnosis exercise by counting yourself back up from 1 to 5, opening your eyes on 5, feeling more refreshed, relaxed, alert, and revitalized.

TIP: Find some relaxing white noise to play in the background as you practice.

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