powerful hypnotherapy testimonials

Read Powerful Testimonials with Proven, Life Changing Results from Past Clients.

A few testimonials from my clients:

“As a result of my hypnosis/coaching sessions, I learned that all of the tools I need are already inside of me.  The sessions help unpack them from my brain and bring them to the forefront of my consciousness.    

I like the customization of each session.  Before starting a session, Mandi is genuinely interested in learning what has transpired since the previous session, and asks questions to help direct the desired outcomes of that session.  I also like the pattern and rhythm of each hypnosis/coaching session. We start from a similar place of peace and tranquility before taking a journey to different places.

I think the techniques that Mandi provides in our sessions would be helpful to anyone who aspires to be “better” in their work life or home life.”

~D.R., Executive, Phoenix, AZ

“I was cleaning out my medicine box and found all the medicine I was taking for PTSD.  You’ve really helped me out a lot, I can never thank you enough.  I am glad I am not back in that dark place where I used to be where I was scared all the time.  I don’t take any medicine for it now and I feel closer to the person I was meant to be.  Thank you for everything you do, thank you for being you.”

~ J.K., Entrepreneur, Phoenix, AZ

“I felt as if I was floating, something that I have never felt before.  I never knew it was possible to feel that way.  I have no pain and no stress.  It’s just gone.  Thank you so much!”

~ M.T., Retired Engineer, Phoenix, AZ

“I have never felt so relaxed in my life.  It was like I uprooted and left.  Amanda has the most soothing voice, and I feel like I can get there on my own now with the techniques she has taught me.  I am forever grateful!”

~ W.P., Cancer Patient, Tolleson, AZ
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