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Most people are hypnotizable, if not all, under the right circumstances.  First, hypnotizability all depends on your expectations. If you think you are hypnotizable, then your chances of being hypnotized are greatly improved.  There are other factors that influence the success of hypnosis.

Belief: Second, your mind only accepts what is in alignment with your established morals, values, and ethics. My role as your hypnotherapist is to encourage and guide you to imagine and visualize the best situation for a successful outcome, which creates images that are in your best interest. If you believe in the process of hypnosis, then it is attainable.

Rapport: Third, creating rapport helps to build a relationship with another person. Ensure you connect with your hypnotherapist and establish good rapport. If you feel uncomfortable with your hypnotherapist, some part of your mind may remain on guard, thereby impeding the process.

Motivation: Fourth, the more you sincerely want to be hypnotized, then the more hypnotizable you are.  If you expect hypnosis to work and believe hypnosis can assist you in achieving your goals, then it will.

Finally, seek the services of a certified hypnotherapist who uses various approaches and techniques.  Because no one is the same, everyone needs a tailored approach to bring about the desired change.

Expect a miracle, and miraculous things happen.  If you expect greatness, then you will be great.  Expect clarity, and you will be clear.  If you expect transformation, then you will be transformed.  Expect love, and you will be overfilled with love.  Expect healing, and you will be healed.  If you expect peace, then you will be at peace.

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