are you stressed out?

are you stressed out?

Are You Stressed Out?

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How do you know when you are stressed out?

Major changes will be seen when people are stressed, and deeper changes will be felt when it is chronic.  Take a look at someone’s body language or their face when they become stressed.  What happens to you when you become stressed?  Do your shoulders start creeping upwards, and do you feel tense in your neck or tight in your chest?  How about feeling butterflies in your stomach?  Do you also become easily annoyed and irritated when you are stressed out?

Chronic stress may also affect memory and contribute to the loss of neuron connections in the brain.  Stress may also be debilitating on the body.  Many people that have chronic injuries or chronic head, neck, or back pain can trace that pain back to stress.

How does stress effect our mental and physical health? 

Stress plays an important role in our mental and physical health.  Stress may lead to productivity loss and physical ailments and may have a significant effect on our ability to think clearly and make rational decisions.  Our perceptions, decisions, and attitudes may change based on the perceived level of stress.

How do we better manage stress? 

Many tools may be effective in managing stress.  Yoga, meditation, self-hypnosis, massage, and discussing your feelings are just a few great ways to cope with stress.  By controlling our stress, we may help to ensure better outcomes for ourselves because we are in a better state of mind and may think more clearly.

Three techniques that all have been found to help reduce stress and are a part of hypnosis are imagery, deep breathing, and progressive relaxation.  However, studies have shown that training and providing information on mindfulness techniques without practice was not enough to elicit behavior change.  So instead of just reading this information, practice it to create the benefit.

“Whether you have a good balance in your ability to manage stress or not, take inventory of your stress-coping tools, and try some new stress relief techniques, too.  Hypnosis is an excellent tool to relieve stress, enhance coping skills, and maintain good balance in day-to-day stressful encounters.”    ~IMDHA

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Are You Stressed Out?