A Secret You Need To Know Now About Meditation

What Is Meditation? What is meditation? Meditation can be anything! Literally! Meditation is the thought behind what you do with a therapeutic perspective, or through a therapeutic lens. Meditation can be gardening, yoga, walking, observing, washing the dishes, and so much more! The key is to use your MIND to help you do these things READ MORE

4 Mindfulness Skills You Need To Easily Build Your EQ

Building mindfulness skills to develop emotional intelligence (EQ) is a practice. Just like anything else you learn, the more you do it, the better you are.  Ever started something new and you started out really slow?  Then, as you did it once or twice or even a few times you became faster and faster until before READ MORE

Easily Take Control of Your Life with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the number one key to taking back control of your life, your emotions.  Learn how now! My intention is to create a series of articles over the next six weeks to help you explore and develop EQ.  As we develop our EQ, we make better decisions and respond in ways that help READ MORE

Mindfulness Techniques You Need To Easily Balance Your Energy

Mindfulness techniques are more important today than in the past to help balance our energy.  With so many fast energies swirling in and out of our days, it is imperative we learn the tools we need to succeed. Stress Effects Without Mindfulness Techniques As organizations navigate through the ever-changing global market, employees and leaders are READ MORE

Start The Relaxation Response- 7 Steps You Need To Take Now

The relaxation response is basically what happens when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated in the body.  It is the opposite of the fight or flight response, also known as the sympathetic nervous system.  With the relaxation response activated, you can lower your heart, metabolic, and breathing rate, Your body slows down to a state READ MORE

A Little Known Secret You Need To Powerful Pain Relief

The National Center for Health Statistics (2006) says chronic pain affects one-fourth of America’s population with millions more suffering from acute pain.  If you are reading this, you are most likely one of them and are seeking pain relief. Imagine Pain Relief Take a journey with me just for a moment, and imagine the pain READ MORE

5 Steps You Need To Connect Mind-Body-Spirit Through Breath Now

Many experts talk about the mind-body-spirit connection, but what a lot of them don’t teach is how to actually connect them. That’s where the breath comes in. The body is connected to the mind and spirit through breath by mindfully concentrating on the breath. Awareness Through Breath In a study conducted by the University of READ MORE